Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church
"Raising A Higher Standard"

250 Bronson Avenue, Rochester, New York, 14611
(716) 328 -4660

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View photos of the retirement of the Late Pastor McCree's pulpit chair in the Newsletter section.
  1. Organization
    • Ministerial Staff
      • Reverend Dr. Richard Douglass
      • Reverend Walter Atkins
      • Reverend Benjamin Cox
      • Reverend Gwendolyn Dorsey
      • Reverend Catherine Carrett-Gibson
      • Reverend Leonard Griffin
      • Reverend Leo Johnson
      • Reverend Lonnie Hinton
      • Reverend Avril Livingstone
      • Reverend Corrine Lunsford
      • Reverend Milton Moss
      • Reverend Thomasina Owens
      • Reverend Valerie Smith
    • Board of Deacons
      • Deacon Royal Avery
      • Deacon Lawrence Brown
      • Deacon Leroy Burgess
      • Deacon James Florence
      • Deacon Nate Harris
      • Deacon Mike Hill
      • Deacon Adrian Jackson
      • Deacon Darryl Jackson
      • Deacon Fred Johnson
      • Deacon Leroy Kendrick
      • Deacon Alfred Knight
      • Deacon David Massey
      • Deacon Andrew McGill
      • Deacon Lester Quinn
    • Board of Evangelists - Chair: Evangelist Madeline Rayam
      • Evangelist Simeon Banister
      • Evangelist Iris Banister
      • Evangelist Doris Hawkins
      • Evangelist Marveletta Hawkins
      • Evangelist Marilyn Hughes
      • Evangelist Delores James
      • Evangelist Otha Johnson
      • Evangelist Francis McIver
      • Evangelist Pearl Snell
      • Evangelist Joyce Young
    • Office
      • Administrative Assistant
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