Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church
"Raising A Higher Standard"

250 Dr Samuel McCree Way, Rochester, New York, 14611
(716) 328 -4660

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View photos of the retirement of the Late Pastor McCree's pulpit chair in the Newsletter section.

The following list of proposed ministries are currently in the planning stages, and are in need of volunteers to assist in their implementation. If you would like to participate in the planning and development, please select the ministry that the Holy Spirit is leading you towards by indicating your choice on the sign up sheet at the end of this section

Drama Ministry
Greeters Ministry (Ambassadors)
Parenting Program
Wazuri Fellowship
Economic Development Forum
Chronicles (Church Newsletter)
Hispanic Heritage Celebration Committee
Dance Ministry
Deaf Ministry
Prison Family Bus Services
The Chancel Choir
Reading Room (Future Library)
Young Men's Ministry
Youth Orchestra
Christian Arts Festival
Summer Lunch Program
Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities for Ministries

Please contact the Church Secretary if you are interested in volunteering for any of the above ministries: 328-4660

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