Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church
"Raising A Higher Standard"

250 Dr Samuel McCree Way, Rochester, New York, 14611
(716) 328 -4660

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Church Educational Opportunities

  • Mondays 6 pm - 7 pm New Membership Class

  • Wednesdays 7 pm Church School / Bible Study


Young Adult Usher's are seeking new members, to serve one Sunday a month at the 11:00 am worship service on the 4th Sundays. Please inquire with the church secretary to Sis. Angie Butler.

Volunteers needed for other ministries. Click here to view opportunities available.


Year 2001

Feast In The Wilderness
Pastor Installation

Church Anniversary

Church Fundraisers

Rev. Dr. Samuel McCree Jr. Scholarship Fund

Have you placed your order for Photos and / or Videos? Please support the Scholarship Fund by purchasing a video ($20) of the Wake and / or Home-Going Service of our late Pastor. Photographs Size 5x7 ($7), 8x10 ($14). Please see Sis. Bridgette Moss in the Church Business office at 463-3883.
Thank you for supporting our efforts!

Mother's Board Monthly Birthday Fund

Building Fund Benefit. We are asking all members to participate by contributing $20 during your birth month.

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