Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church
"Raising A Higher Standard"

250 Bronson Avenue, Rochester, New York, 14611
(716) 328 -4660

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View photos of the retirement of the Late Pastor McCree's pulpit chair in the Newsletter section.

Student News

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Fastweb: itís the largest and oldest online free search service on the Internet. According to the Website, one of three college Ėbound high school seniors used the FastWeb last year and more than 10 million students have used the site since it debuted in 1995. Fastweb requires students to create a personal profile thatís then matched against the siteís databases of college and scholarships. Currently the site spotlights more than 600,000 scholarships totaling more than $1 billion. Approximately 250 new scholarships are added each week.


The College Board online: This site offers a scholarship search. Users fill out a profile similar to the one on FastWeb, and the College Board database reports whatís available. The scholarship information is from the 1999 College Board Scholarship Handbook. To get up-to-date information, you are encouraged to purchase the later scholarship handbook.


The Student Advantage Scholarship Search: It claims to be the largest scholarship database on the Web. The site features a profile-driver search of its database. You can also browse scholarships by name or major. A special section offers tips on how, when and where to apply for scholarships and other forms of financial aid. The Student Advantage Scholarship Search is part of a larger student-oriented Web site with information on academic life, careers, dating and relationships, entertainment, health, money and more.


Free scholarship search: This site also has a database and search engine to match students with scholarships. Beyond that, site creators are proud of the fact they offer lots of advice and tips for finding the right kind of aid to meet your needs. In addition to scholarship data, thereís plenty of information on student loans, work-study programs, grants and loans. Thereís even a discussion forum and a chat room where you can compare with others.


Skewl sites: This site attempts to seek out and report the best education sites on the Web. The creators, all teachers, look for sites that provide unique opportunities for students that arenít available from books and other resources. Additionally, they search for wholesome, family-friendly sites with direct adult supervision. Recommended sites are listed via categories such as visual arts, science, health, culture, history, special days and teacher resources.